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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"When Nature Calls"

"When Nature Calls"

Jack Michaels and wife Simony Love
w/ Dominic Dawes

With a new fine restaurant opening up in the city, the romantic Mr. Michaels surprised his beautiful wife Simony with a "night on the town" of fine dining and dancing. The newlyweds are still very much in their honeymoon stage as the couple stare endlessly into each other's eyes during the first course of their meal sitting at the table with fine cloth linens and sterling silver utensils.
Upon finishing the first course, Simony asks her handsome husband .."Honey, can we dance before we move on to dinner? We haven't danced in months and the music here is really making me want to move." Always wanting his wife to be happy and pleased it was an easy "Yes honey ... of course" and the beautiful couple made their way to the dance floor where the talented and successful Mr. Michaels danced like Fred Astaire. 
While the couple danced they were watched and the envy of many in the room. The stunning Simony catching the eyes of all the men in the room with One in particular. A dark skinned stranger sitting at the bar for a drink before heading home from the office watches the couple move together on the dance floor. After a couple turns Simony notices the man and is blushed with arousal ... her deep desire for chocolate barely contained as flashbacks from multiple encounters with black men during her college years and before her wedding day vibrate her core and cause her panties to become moist. Glancing at the stranger she flashes a smile and his intoxicating smile echoes back making her melt. 
Finishing the music set on the dance floor, Mr. and Mrs. Michaels make their way off the dance floor and walk past the Stranger at the bar. Unable to keep her eyes off of him, Simony looks directly into his golden brown eyes and the two exchange volumes between them as he sees the deep desire welling up from within. Within ear shot Simony says to her husband .. "Go ahead to the table, honey ... I need to use the ladies room and freshen up a little after working up a sweat on the dance floor." 

Mr. Michaels kisses his dear wife and heads back to their dinner table and Simony waltzes to the ladies room pushing the door open and looking back at the man at the bar with a suggestive "wink". Once inside ... Simony waits with her back to the door and her heart POUNDING in her chest! She checks the stall ... alone ... perfect! 
Smiling as she hears the hinges to the door glide across one another and the aroma of a virile and powerful man washes over her shortly before she feels two large, strong, soft hands caress her shoulders and the hot breath upon her neck .. Simony turns to see those golden brown eyes smoldering back at her. 
Only exchanging smiles... NO words ... the two strangers are drawn into a deep passionate kiss. Clothes seem to melt off of their bodies as they stand beside the couch in the finely appointed bathroom. Once naked, he pulls her onto the couch and begins to devour her doing what he LOVES to do and driving her wild with desire!

Lust, desire, and pure eroticism takes over as the two secret lovers heat things up in the bathroom so much that the mirrors become fogged over! Moving down to the rug on the floor, the two lovers bodies' join as he stretches her open with his massive organ! Moving together as Simony finds a new 'dance partner' in the bathroom the two engage in a heated scene that has her moaning and squealing in pleasure! As the scene intensifies ... her dark-skinned lover takes her body into new heights of pleasure while driving deep into her body rougher and rougher!

 Climaxing several times, Simony is dizzy with pleasure as her body is used and thrown around like a toy! Finally given a chance to ride and drain her lover's fluids from his body Simony straddles her lover and works those perfect hips and superior ass up and down driving him over the edge and receiving her lover's gift deep inside of her body! With a nasty streak he pushes her off and stands up stroking himself to feed her the warm thick fluid that is now inside of her and trickling down her inner thighs!

Bathed in his fluids and filled deep within ... Simony is completely lost in pleasure and happens to glance at her watch ... "Shit! It's been over an hour since I left for the bathroom! I have to go! ... Thank you!" she says with haste as she quickly gets dressed and blasts exits the bathroom quickly! With SO much cum shared between the two it was inevitable that she would be a mess and failing to get properly cleaned up before leaving the bathroom left her in a sticky situation upon returning to her husband at the dinner table who was visibly concerned.

Simony smooths down her dress and arrives back at the table where her husband is waiting and their dinner has become cold. Asking as he notices the thick cream at the corner of her mouth and hanging from her dress... "Honey, I was really starting to get worried about you. Is everything ok?" To which Simony replied slightly out of breath ... "Yes! Everything is great! I just .. uh.. I Noticed the kitchen and you know how much I love to cook! I had to see what they were making for dessert."
Mr. Michaels replies to his dear wife ... "I know how much you love dessert and I asked our waiter what the specialty is. He mentioned they have a warm chocolate lava cake with a cream filling. I instantly thought of you ... I know how much you LOVE chocolate. I have to ask you though, what is that on your chin and dress?"


Simony ... embarrassed scoops the cream into her mouth from her chin and smiles licking her fingers.... then dabs the thick fluids from the front of her dress with her napkin.... scooping some with her finger and sucking it off of her finger. A smile wide across her face as she is glowing and closing her eyes in sheer pleasure thinking about what just happened. Opening her beautiful blue eyes and saying to her husband ... "I found the chocolate dessert and that cream filling is orgasmic! Oh my gawd it is SO good! I don't think I will be able to finish dinner, honey. I am literally STUFFED!" ... that last statement eliciting a cute little giggle as she replays the night's events over and over in her head. She doesn't know his name or anything about him ... only how hard he gets and how good he tastes and feels and that's good enough for her!

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A VERY special thanks goes out to Simony Love and Jack Michaels for their participation and PATIENCE in waiting for this set that took TWO scheduled appointments. BOTH are very dear friends and among the classiest and most incredible people I have ever met in Second Life!
Thank you ~ Mr. Dawes

I would also like to thank Willo Barbosa for building the bathroom set while we were shooting on location at the restaurant! Miss Willo is, without a doubt, the most valuable person within Obsession Studios! Thank you, Willo ~ D.D.

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  1. Thank you, all four of you, for creating and sharing a wonderfully wicked and sinfully sensual story!