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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Into the Wild" - feat. Raeli'n

"Into the Wild"

Raeli'n Rage-Stillwater

Obsession Studios Elite 8 ~ Raeli'n Rage-Stillwater is portrayed as a research assistant who is meeting with her 'team' deep in the jungle. Rae gets to the site early and her curiosity gets the better of her when she has some extra time on her hands. Little does she know that she is being watched by one of the natives in the jungle. Read further and follow the story as Rae encounters two pythons in this hostile environment! Shot at the Obsession Studios rainforest, the INCREDIBLE Raeli'n plays along well during this richly detailed RP style story shoot.

*The young research assistant makes it to the team's site early and is captivated by the beauty of the cove. Hidden perfectly in the treetops, the jungle native assigned by the tribal elder to watch over this particular group spots the pale skinned explorer and watches her keeping as still as a rock and hidden in the shadows.* 

*After getting to the site, Rae walks around and takes in the beauty of the surroundings. The sun peering through the trees kissing her creamy skin that is moistened by the sweat from her journey and the moisture of the forest. The jungle man is purely captivated by the curves on this woman but remembers his strict orders to remain unseen by the intruders. Keeping a safe distance, the jungle man watches the gorgeous young researcher like a hawk!*

*Bored and curious, the young research assistant decides to head down to the water to explore and become familiar with the site. Little to her knowledge, Rae is being hunted by more than one animal in the jungle. Watching her, the jungle man realizes she is walking near a large python near the river bank ... As Rae approaches drawn in by the beauty of a rare flower the large constrictor moves in for the kill!*

*Realizing that if this python grabs the young woman she would have no chance of surviving, the jungle native breaks his vow and hurls his spear from the platform in the tree spearing the long beast through the base of it's neck pinning it to the ground right beside the terrified Raeli'n! The beast writhes and nearly pulls the spear from the soil before the jungle man climbs out of the tree like a cat pouncing on the python and taking it's life with his blade! Overcome by the sight of the snake and the jungle native from a tribe not known to civilization ... the research assistant faints and hits the ground with a 'thud'! Concerned for her well being, the jungle man carries her to a safe place beside a waterfall and  looks after her ... it is not long before his animalistic desires for this gorgeous young woman get the better of him ...*

*Using various plants nearby, the jungle man mixes a serum that heightens the senses and makes the body and mind crave sex! The serum, used during mating rituals in his tribe, is dribbled onto the lips of the young researcher ... as the phytochemicals take effect the jungle man removes her knotted shirt exposing breasts like he has never seen before. Touching her nipples elicits a deep moan of pleasure from the young assistant and her body becomes a finely tuned instrument of pleasure ... waking slowly from her sleepy state, Rae is met with a warm euphoric feeling seeing colors, hearing the forest alive, and begging for pleasure ... after removing her clothes the jungle man begins a tantric ritual with the young woman that she will remember for the rest of her life ... *

*Doing things with his mouth, tongue, and fingers that would make her body explode even without the pleasure serum, the young assistant shudders in ultimate ecstacy feeling a continuous orgasm as waves of pleasure wash over her body and her nectar pours forth consumed by the stranger ... no words have been exchanged at this point and it would be pointless since neither would understand the other's spoken words ... no, they "communicate" another way as their bodies sing to one another with soft rain drops dancing on their skin adding to the pleasure and sensations*

*Entering her body ... the jungle man fills her in ways she's never experienced as the sounds they make rival the sounds of the forest ... the symphonic harmony that the two of them create with the rainforest provide the soundtrack of pleasure as our jungle native releases his wild seed into the young assistant ... filling her deep and leaving a lasting impression that she will remember the rest of her life her body erupts and her skin feels as though thousands of fingers are touching her everywhere! Collapsing into his arms looking into his wild eyes she doesn't speak with her tongue but her look speaks quite plainly as her eyes say 'thank you' ... *

*Arching up kissing her before rolling her onto her side ... they both know he can't stay. Like a cat he slips into the forest and disappears into the shadows ... Laying on the soft animal fur, Raeli'n closes her eyes and touches her body recalling the entire event in her mind again as she is stricken by several more waves of pleasure. The young assistant thinks she will enjoy this assignment deep in the jungle for the next three months and hopes that her jungle man will find his way back with his python*

A very special thanks to Willo Barbosa for her invaluable help in constructing this elaborate jungle set! I would also like to thank the patient and incredible, Raeli'n Rage-Stillwater. The original script had to be revised due to a malfunction in the snare that was supposed to capture her so thankfully we were able to revise the story to the "python rescue". Always a pure joy to work with, thank you Rae! You truly are an Elite 8 girl!
<3 ~ Mr. Dawes

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Tati for Lunch"

"Tati for Lunch"

featuring Obsession Elite 8 Model

Tatiana "Tati" Easterwood

If there were someone that possessed skills beyond measurement, intelligence, endless creativity, compassion, patience, grace, and a kind of sex appeal that all men, women, herms .. hell, every gender and even half breeds are brought to their knees in pure lust that would be one hell of a woman. Well, there is such a woman ... the gifted and sensationally talented Tati. 

I have had the honor of working with Tati many times and each time she is consistently incredible to work with. This set titled, "Tati for Lunch" was an idea that I came up with after she included me in her "It's Raining Men" shoot. Shot in story style during richly detailed role-play, Tati is portrayed as herself ... the uber famous porn star and her co-star portrays an average man who happens to stumble upon the great Tati in the park as she pleasures herself. His greatest fantasy comes to life as he is pulled into an erotic dance with the seductress herself that results in the delicious union of bodies during a rainstorm. Please enjoy this erotic story style shoot and many thanks to Tati for her friendship and creative inspiration.

Relaxing at the park as Tati looks around not seeing anyone she removes her top to enjoy the warm sun across her breasts.

Tati being herself ends up removing her shorts and panties unable to resist playing with herself. The dappled light and warm rays on her skin making her labia swell as she plays and moistens her fingers on her soft swollen petals

Out for a walk, Dominic hears moaning and steps curiously in the direction of the sound's source. Stopping by a tree he cannot believe his eyes! Thinking *is that who I think it is!?*

Out of the corner of her eye, Tati notices a man but that doesn't stop the sex addicted porn star ... in fact she decides to put on a show and uses a rather large banana on herself bringing herself to a powerful climax! 

Recovering from her orgasm Tati stands and motions for her admirer to approach. Dominic walks over in complete shock that he is standing face-to-face with the porn star he has watched on his computer at home many times! 

Tati, not shy at all, pulls Dominic in grabbing his shirt and kissing him deeply! Stunned by her bold move but powerless to stop her he returns the kiss ... platinum wedding band weighing heavy on his finger but he is driven by another kind of power now as lust and fantasy take over!

Peeling off his shirt as he is pushed down onto the picnic blanket and straddled by the very hungry Tati, Dominic is soon lost in her seduction as the two strangers engage in deep kissing while their hands explore each other's bodies.

Tati hastily pushes Dom's jeans off as he takes the moment to enjoy this dream come true... the beautiful sounds of the park with warm sun licking their bare bodies ... Dominic soon pulls Tati on top of him and slides down underneath her hips to do what he loves most to do ... his mouth and fingers working Tati into a sexual frenzy making her cum for him a few times and bathing in her incredible nectar!

Lost in each other, neither realizes that storm clouds have rolled in and soon the feel of soft rain drops landing on their warm naked bodies only adds to the pleasure making Tati erupt in another full body orgasm!

Dominic slides up in between Tati's legs now and enters her body with his pierced organ making it go "pop-pop-pop-pop-pop" against her tightly clenching tunnel and as the scene intensifies so does the rain coming down harder now pelting their naked bodies as they slide and glide together ... Dominic sinking deep inside of his fantasy!

As the heavy rain lands all over them ... steam rises from their hot bodies ... the sounds of orgasm after orgasm with the 'clap' of thunder overhead and lightning dancing across the sky the two lovers become completely lost in the passionate scene sharing each other's fantasies and fluids ... It's not until they collapse in a panting heap together that Dominic finally realizes what he has done! Pulling the woman he has fantasized about for years against his body ... moaning softly and saying ..."That was INCREDIBLE! I am Dominic ... and you are my favorite porn star, Tati ... I think I can die now a happy man!"

Tati just smiles at Dominic and leans in kissing him passionately... "Merci, Dominic ... vous vous êtes senti incroyable!" *grasping the platinum band on his finger* "Votre femme est un chanceux femme ... voici mon numéro ... Donnez-moi un appel parfois, sexy."
Feeling as if he is blushing... Dominic just smiles and kisses Tati back ... taking the international phone number and putting it into the pocket of his jeans ... pulling them on and walking away ... looking back several times still in shock at what just happened ... watching as Tati lays there legs spread playing with herself again and the semen oozing from her body lifting her hand to her mouth licking her fingers! 
Dominic's entire body tingling after what just happened... he walks to his car in disbelief ... shaking his head thinking to himself *damn ... I wish I knew French! All I could understand was the word 'sexy' ... well at least I have her phone number ... now.. what to do with it?*


Merci, Tati ... vous avez toujours été une source d'inspiration pour moi. Je trouve incroyable que vous prenez le temps d'aider les autres de vos rêves même si vous ne les connaissez pas. Nous savons que chaque autre maintenant, mais il fut un temps J'étais une personne et vous m'avez donné le temps ... votre temps ... comme vous l'avez avec beaucoup d'autres. Cet ensemble a été un symbole de votre générosité ... ce que je suis éternellement reconnaissants. Dans le désir de vous toujours ~ Dom