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Saturday, December 22, 2012

"BDSM" by Obsession

***Warning ~ This set, although sexual in nature, Contains images that portray scenes of Bondage (BDSM). While Obsession Industries realizes this isn't for everyone, we also recognize that BDSM scenes are not represented often enough and are always looking for models to shoot BDSM scenes. Message Dominic Dawes in world if you are interested in becoming a BDSM model for Obsession Industries. 
(see the entire BDSM collection here if you have a Flickr account)

Above is the gorgeous Kitty-Kat who has a fondness for chocolate and loves to be tied up. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2013 Calendar by Obsession

One of the  projects for Obsession Industries is a calendar for 2013. This is done through Dawes Photography Studios. Below are the 12 lucky ladies who have made it on the calendar! Message Dominic Dawes in SL if you would like your free copy of the calendar and/or if you would like to model for one of his many current projects!
<See the entire Set on Flickr>

The 12th model in the calendar, Erin Cedarbridge, is no stranger to the camera. With her incredible "tatas" and seductive eyes she burns up the set rounding out some of the hottest dozen in SL.

Welcome to Obsession Katsumi Mikoyan! A friend and wise business woman, Katsumi is the owner of the popular Asian House in SL. A place where guests are treated very well and treated like a King by the delicate beauty of the ladies on staff. Enjoy the set here with Katsumi and the complete set on Flickr.

With some of the prettiest eyes in SL, Jewell Shinja lights up the set with her incredible body on the beach set that helped make her on the 2013 Calendar for Dawes Photography. Enjoy part of the set here and the complete set on Flickr.

As if it couldn't get any hotter on this post, Artika Muliaina has come to show you that it can! Artika has been added to the list of models showcasing some of the hottest girls in SL in the Obsession Industries 2013 Calendar. Enjoy images below and the complete set on Flickr.

Hold on to your hats guys and gals because here comes Tiffany Swallowtail! One of the hottest redheads in SL, Tiffany was burning up the camera on this set. Enjoy some of the images below and, as always, the complete set is available on the Flickr link above.

Obsession Industries is pleased to present to you the delicious Bravii Bentham! Easily one of the finest girls in SL, Bravii is new to Obsession and has a very bright future as one of our models. Please enjoy the partial set below and the full set on Flickr.

I am proud to present to you Madame Aprille Shepherd as one of our 12 Calendar Models for 2013! Not only is she commandingly sexy and scorching hot, but she is no stranger to the camera and I found out what she really enjoys through some experimentation after her shoot. Enjoy the set here and in its entirety on Flickr.

Beautiful Beth Ronmark is showing her pride in the U.S.A. here as she desires for Miss July. A pleasure to work with and look at ... enjoy the set shown below and in its entirety on Flickr.


The gorgeous model in this set is Bridget Leavitt and she is new to Obsession Industries. This set is titled "Yoga by the Sea" and features the stunning Bridget with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. Bridget's beauty and ambition may just land her one of the coveted spots on the calendar for 2013!

Our first girl is Thiffany Ansar! Thiffany has done other projects with Obsession Industries and is an incredibly easy and sexy girl to work with! Thiffany will be awarded the Month of April and is chosen as one of the 12 girls of 2013! Congrats Thiffany!