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Monday, February 3, 2014

Dokie's Interview: "Pumped for Information"

"Pumped for Information"
an Exclusive Interview 
with Elite 8

Dokie Doobie

In the Adult Entertainment community within Second Life there are artists and entertainers but none compare to the erotic tantalizing comedy that IS a "Dokie Style Shot". Spend 10 minutes with this fiery redhead and you'll understand there is something incredibly special about this woman! Shown here in her first shoot as an Elite 8 in Obsession Studios, Dokie is interviewed while playing a "game" with her interviewer. Shot all on site during full RP and emoting as is the custom for Mr. Dawes in a story style shoot. Please enjoy... I know I did!

Dominic Dawes:  "Ok, for those of you at home, I am Mr. Dawes and I am joined here today by Dokie Doobie, an adult actress and model who has made an impression on the scene of the adult industry in her own 'Dokie Way'.  In an industry of thousands of participants, it is hard to be truly unique, but our guest today ... well, let's just say that nobody does it like Dokie does!"

Dominic Dawes turns to the camera:  "Before we get started, let me fill you in on something.  Dokie and I are playing a little ... ehem ... 'game'.  You'll see how this game works as we go along."

Dokie giggles nervously:  "Oh boy..."

Dominic turns back to the damn hot redhead pornstar and holds out the mic:  "So, do you remember what made you want to get into the porn industry?"

Dokie scratches her head:  "Well, I've always had an eye for fantasy and pinup art, erotic photography and such.  Becoming involves with it, however, seemed to turn me on so much, that I kinda naturally evolved into more ... umm ... hardcore types of projects."

Dominic grins:  "Hmm, very nice.  You have thousands of fans, so I will ask some questions I thiink they would like to know, and later we may even take questions from callers on the phone!  Let's start by you telling us your age, sexual orientation, where you're from, and if there is one word that 'defines' Dokie."

Dokie looks around the barn as if the answers were etched into the walls:  "Oh geez.  Okay, I'm 29 years old;  I'm bisexual, but prefer men;  I'm from the midwest United States;  and one word that encapsulates me?  Hmmm ... maybe supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?  Nah, scratch that ... let's just say that I'm idiosyncratic."

Dominic laughs:  "Quite a character, I'd say.  How about something more probing?  What is a guilty pleasure of yours?  At least one ... if you can think of two or three, then we'd love to know those as well."

Dokie:  "Like most women, my biggest guilty pleasure is probably chocolate.  But I'm sure my fans don't care about that ... unless I lather my naked body in it and let them lick it off.  But in terms of carnal pleasures, I'd say sex in public is always something that leaves me a bit guilty afterwards.  I mean, what if some pimply-faced kid saw us?  But oh well ... I just love doing it!  The risk is exciting."

Dominic smiles:  "Well, I have a surprise for you then, Dokie.  There are thousands of viewers watching this live session on that camera ... not to mention many more who will see it after it is filmed.  AND ... I brought chocolate!!"

Dokie blushes and glances at the camera:  "Guess I ain't backing out now, am I?"  *laughs and looks at Mr. Dawes lustily*   "Something tells me I'll be putting a LOT of chocolate in my mouth today..."

Dominic winks:  "Hehe ... I hear it melts in your mouth.  On to our next question ... You most certainly have your choice of lovers, Dokie ... and I don't see you married.  Just how many lucky men are in your life that get to have a slice of that delicious 'Dokie Pie'?"
Dominic smiles at his interviewee, wondering if this will be the first 'pass'.  

Dokie giggles:  "Mr. Dawes, I think that may be one of those questions I should pass on.  Someone in my business needs to maintain the illusion of availability, whether it's real or not."

Dominic laughs and turns to the camera, saying:  "And this, folks, is where it gets interesting.  You see ... as I mentioned, Dokie and I are playing a tiny little game.  Let's see if you can figure out what it is..."  *holds his hand out*  "Hand it over, DD."

Dokie smirks reluctantly, untying and removing her shirt, which she then tosses to Mr. Dawes.  

Dominic:  "So Dokie ... as sexually adventurous as you are, many out there would like to know if you have any children, or would like to?"

Dokie:  "Ain't got none, and sure as hell don't want none ... at least not in the next few years.  And I won't, assuming these pills are worth the money haha."

Dominic chuckles and nods:  "Let's hope they are, for your sake, sexy.  Hehe.  How about 'toys'?   When no one is around, what kind of toys does Dokie like to play with to ... hmmm ... let's just be blunt, shall we ... to get off?"

Dokie:  "Oh, well, anything that works really.  From cucumbers to the wooden handle of my garden rake.  But my favorite toy would have to be my Trojan Twister.  DAMN that thing is handy!  It blows my hair back."

Dominic laughs:  "That's ... well, a great answer.  Here's one that's a little more intimate ... aside from anything you've made in the porn industry, have you ever had sex for money?"

Dokie blushes:  "No comment"

Dominic grins at the camera, then grins at Dokie:  "And that's another pass, folks!  Off with it, Ms. Doobie!"

Dokie hops to her feet playfully, letting her skirt slide slowly down her legs, then kicking it across the barn. 

Dominic lights up a joint for the sexy Dokie Doobie and hands it to her:  "Here's a special treat for you, from a private reserve of the best stuff!  The least I can do for you, being such a great participant in this interview."
Dokie accepts the joint, taking a big hit, coughing as she lets it out.  

Dominic:  "Okay, now that you have your 'treat' for being a good girl, how about secrets?  What's one thing about you that you have only told ... hmmm ... less than 5 people?"

Dokie:  "Well shit, Mr. Dawes.  That's why they're secrets!  Guess I have to pass on this one, too!"  *turns to the camera*  "Folks, I think Mr. Dawes asked that one just so he could see my boobs....  Wait ... why am I appealing to you?  You're probably all rooting him on...."

Dominic Dawes smiles:  "Well shit, Dokie.  I guess you better hand it over."

Dokie unhooks her bra and lets her breasts fall free, giggling as she flings the bra at her interviewer. 

Dominic Dawes dodges then laughs:  "Yes Ma'am ... and with that, we have a phone call.  In fact, the phones are ringing off the hook.  Questions are pouring in.  We're trying to filter them ... one second ... Okay, I have a good one for you."
Dokie smiles expectantly.

Dominic Dawes nods, pressing on his earpiece:  "There is a young man in New Jersey ... he said he has masturbated to your art since you posted your first piece.  He's wondering if you have an address that he can send some of his 'art' to share with you.  Well?"

Dokie:  "Yes.  I actually have a fan-mail address he can use.  It's at P.O. Box 69, Fellatio, TX, c/o The Dokie Denizens."  *turns to the camera*  "And please, no more fruit baskets, people."

Dominic laughs:  "Alright, for this next question .. I can probably guess... but let's see if my hunch is right... what's your favorite sexual position to be in, Dokie?"

Dokie giggles, leaning forward and opening her legs a bit..."I'd have to say reverse cowgirl.  I just love it when a guy spanks my ass while I ride him."

Dominic grins widely: "Ok ok ... thanks for that mental image.   So, what's your goal as an adult actress and model?  What do you aspire to achieve at the end of all this ... or during?"

Dokie: "Oooo good question.  I think one of my goals is more about self-improvement ... like I'm always trying to out-do my last piece, in a competition with myself, you could say.  But as long as the fans stay pleased, then I think I've achieved my main goal."

Dominic: "Awesome.  Okay ... this question is from Ryan in North Carolina.  He wants to know when you lost your virginity and with whom?"

Dokie: "At 15 and with the boy next door.  I know it's cliche, but hell, that's how it works 100 miles from civilization.  At least when you can FIND a boy next door lol."

Dominic laughs:  "An honest answer.  Now a curious question ... being country and living like you described... ever had sex with anyone you are related to?"

Dokie rolls her eyes and tosses her palms in the air:  “Oh hell no!  I'm from Oklahoma, sugar.  I ain't no hill-billy."

Dominic: "How about before all this... what did you do for a living?"

Dokie: "In addition to workin’ around the ranch, I did some exotic dancing at a club down in the city about 30 miles away.  Got canned for screwin’ one of the bouncers in the parking lot during my shift, though."

Dominic laughs softly:  "Meh ... there goes that exhibitionist spirit of yours Dokie.  So how about this ... what can I ask you that will get you out of those damn panties?   I know it's killin’ you to be wearin’ em ... you don't strike me as a panty-wearin’ girl as is."

Dokie laughs and glances down at her panties, hooking a finger into the elastic band and then letting it snap back against her skin...."Well...."  *looking back up at Mr. Dawes with a devilish grin*  " could ask me about my family.  I hate talking about them.  Hahaha."

Dominic chuckles:  "Alright... " *turns to the camera*  "This show will now be called... 'All about Dokie's Family' ..."

Dokie grins and shakes her head playfully.

Dominic smiles:  "So, who do you despise the most in your family? Brother/ Sister? Parent? And why?"

Dokie:  "Well shit, Sir, that's two separate questions and two separate passes.  But I only got one piece of clothing left, aside from my boots!"

Dominic: "Boots stay ... and hat stays.... so ... what now?"

Dokie stands up and lets her panties slide to floor:  "Well first that.  But now the rules of the game change.  From now on, if I pass on a question, then YOU have to take something off."

Dominic turns to the camera, then back to his interviewee:  "Me?  Awww come on now... what are you trying to do Double D?" *Dominic then removes his shirt and sits patiently... wondering what he should ask next*

Dokie shrugs and smiles.

Dominic:  "So, what's Christmas at home like for you, Dokie?"

Dokie: "Full of annoying music, people invading my space, and no escape to the outside, cuz it's just too damn cold out there.”

Dominic: "Sounds like a hoot!  Haha.  Any regrets when it comes to siblings?  Anyone you would like to mend a relationship with here on camera?"

Dokie smirks:  "I think I should take a pass on that one, Sir."

Dominic reaches up and starts to fidget with his hat:  "Ummm"

Dokie: "Nah, you can keep that on!  But those jeans will be hard to remove with those boots in the way, so maybe those go first."

Dominic slides his boots off, groaning:  "Good.  These damn things were killin’ me!  They got the wrong size I think ... and these are the first boots I ever wore in my life!  The cowboy hat, too!"

Dokie:  "Awww, then maybe you should come visit me at the ranch, and we can break em in."

Dominic : "I'd love to ... Fellatio, Texas is it?  Haha."

Dokie snickers light-heartedly:  "No, that's just the fan mail address.  I'll give you my personal one off the air."

Dominic  looks at the camera, grinning widely:  "Gawd I love my job!"

Dokie laughs.

Dominic feels a little blushed actually.  Turning back to the mega porn star ... a woman he has had a crush on for ages ... trying to think of the next question but only mutters a little:  "Uhh So .. Dokie... How about ... hmmmm..."

Dokie slowly opens and closes her legs, flexing her thighs as she waits expectantly.

Dominic  tries not to look down at her soft peach mound, but finding it 'hard' not to: "Ehem .. So, what's the worst line a man has said to you?"

Dokie:  "Are those real?  I just wanna punch him."

Dominic's head flexes back:  "Ooookay... careful now... I bet you do have a mean jab.  How about the most embarrasing moment at home?"

Dokie grins, looking her interviewer up and down, licking her lips:  "Most embarrassing moment at home, huh?  I could give so many examples, but they're too embarrassing.  I'm gonna pass."

Dominic smirks:  "Hmmm, I guess ... pants?"

Dokie smiles mischievously:  "You got it."

Dominic stands up and unbuttons his jeans, pushing them down around his ankles and off:  "So ... are they? ... you know... real?"

Dokie eyes the scrumptiously large lump between Mr. Dawes's legs:  "Yes, 100% all American corn fed boobies.  Next question, quickly."

Dokie cuts Dominic off abruptly as the first syllable escapes his lips:  "Pass."

Dominic stutters, trying to sit back down but uncomfortably.  Shifting the large bulge, he says:  "But, I didn’t ask a question!”

Dokie:  "I said pass."  

Dominic blushes, knowing he is down to his boxers.  He reaches up to grab the rim of his hat.

Dokie: "Oh hell no, the hat stays on.  THIS has to come off." *reaches forward and hooks her  fingers into the elastic band of Dominic's underwear*

Dominic lifts his arms up:  "Ooooh shit!"

Dokie:  "Pass...." *pulls Dominic's boxers down a little, then a little more, and finally down far enough to let his cock tumble out, springing forward like a hungry snake*

Dominic stands frozen, looking down at his redheaded interviewee as she lightly runs a fingertip down the length of his shaft.

Dokie stares at his throbbing erection in a growing frenzy of desire, then lunges at him from her spot on the chair:  "Pass!  Passss!  No more questions!"

To say that I had a great time with this incredible woman would be a MASSIVE understatement! I'd like to extend a personal "thank you" to the ultra-mega porn star Dokie Doobie for helping me put this set together and making it so much fun! I look forward to many more adventures as "Quad D's" in the future with you Dokie! 
*and yea ... still have that crush*
~ D. D. 

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