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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Yoga Lesson

"The Yoga Lesson"
Featuring: Sinsatiable Baxton

Mrs. Baxton signed up for private yoga lessons at the instructor's house along the beach and during her session with him she strained a muscle. Good thing our instructor has a massage table and knows how to take care of his students. *This set is a "story-line" and best viewed as a slideshow. Photographed by Mr. Dawes in storyline fashion where he uniquely emotes and role-plays during the shoot for a complete immersive experience that is unlike most photoshoots you will encounter. Contact Mr. Dominic Dawes in Second Life if you have a fantasy that you would like fulfilled with richly detailed role-play "during" a high definition photoshoot.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Southern Belle

It's not every day in this industry you meet a woman like this one. A 29 year old Southern Belle from the great state of Georgia in the U.S.A., Envy Watts is as sweet as the sweetest Georgia peach all the way to her core. Truly a beautiful person inside and out, anyone would be lucky to call this dynamic and kind woman a friend. Envy is a talented photographer in her own right with popular sets on Flickr and thousands of views. Shown below is a set taken in a small town in Georgia as well as shots from the Studios at Obsession.

Envy was initially excited by the well-deserved attention to her Flickr feed and was very excited to be invited into the porn and modeling world by none other than Serenity Juneberry. Since then she has been selected as one of Hoob's Hotties and is quickly making "Envy" a household name in the porn and modeling world. Read below to find out saucy bits of information like her turn-ons and favorite sexual positions ..

Before modeling in SL, Envy says she was married to a wonderful man for 3 years and they had a nice little sim with a Pub. She says she was your typical MILF and I have to agree, she definitely turns heads everywhere she goes! Two of her "guilty pleasures" are her 'bag of vibes' and the show "True Blood". Of course, Envy's latest interests and hobbies including modeling and photography and when asked what she cannot live without in SL, Envy replied .. "My friends ... oh, and shoes! Sexy shoes that say: 'come fuck me' .. yea those two things". Envy's last purchase made in SL was fingernails ... as she describes them .. "long, back scratching fingernails" ... sounds kinky and sensual just like this incredible woman *smiles*.

So, what turns this hot MILF on? Well, Envy provided a nice little list: "eyes, lips, mouth, teeth ... men in baseball caps and jeans and women in shorts and halter tops." Envy also finds a man's muscular back to be very sexy as well. Want to turn Envy "off", rudeness and being disrespectful is sure one way to do that. I have to agree with her as just about all of us would. Envy admires her wife most of all in SL as well as a few select photographers and when she wants to find a place of peace in SL she goes to her farmhouse in the country.
I would like to say "thank you" to Envy for her patience in completing this set during a very busy time in my RL. I present to you Obsession Studios' newest "Elite Model", Envy Watts.
~ Mr. Dominic Dawes

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Tennis Lesson - featuring Candy

Candy Babestar 'stars' in her role as a tennis lesson student with tennis pro, Dominic Dawes in this role-played set by Mr. Dawes . Candy is a flirty 23 year old porn starlet from Los Angeles who is actively bisexual with a strong preference towards men. When asked in her interview what one word describes her best she simply replied with "naughty". 
After this first encounter with the naughty Candy I confess she lives up to her reputation. The complete set of 30 photos in this "storyline" shoot can be found on Flickr.

Candy was brought to porn in SL because she loves being naked and watched by others ... that and she loves having sex. She states that the most important quality to her from a partner is a partner that respects her. When asked who Candy admires most in SL she replied saying "this is really hard but it would either be Katina Cazalet for being a supportive friend she can count on or Serenity Juneberry for doing so much for the adult industry and yet still finding time to make the newcomers to the industry feel welcome and supported." Candy cannot live without the "open minded community" of SL and confesses that her guilty pleasure is "shopping".

Before porn and modeling Candy would be found exploring various clubs of SL and admittedly having lots of hot sex! Speaking of sex, Candy's favorite sexual position is to be on top because she "loves to ride". What turns Candy on? She states that "a charming personality and a cock that is showing as a bulge or peeking out from clothing is so naughty and hot!" When asked what some of her goals and ambitions are for SL Candy replied saying, "I would like to make a hot porn film that viewers enjoy as much as I enjoy starring in it. It is challenging to make the audience experience porn films in the way that the director fantasizes it so, making a really high quality porn film is my biggest ambition in SL. My biggest dream is to make the audience open their eyes to porn in a different way than mainstream porn in a way that will make them completely fall in love with porn."
This talented and fun young woman is truly a joy to work with and I know that she will achieve her goals. Anyone lucky enough to work with Candy Babestar will experience a fun, outgoing, and naughty time that will surely have them cumming back for more! Thank you for the opportunity Candy. ~ Mr. Dawes