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"Paid in Full" by Dokie Doobie

"Paid in Full"
by Dokielicious Doobie

 This is the end result of three months of extensive planning, production, and post-processing.
Which is quite ridiculous, considering I don't get paid 
a damn nickel for any of this stuff.

But hey!  It was fun to produce, and above all, 
I hope it's fun for everyone to read.
(And yes, boys, that means READ the story, 
don't just flip the pages until you get to the good parts...)

So enjoy! 

Donations lindens, not sheep, please.
Let me know what you think on the Flickr preview shots:
Thank you Dominic Dawes for letting me present this on your blog. 


1 comment:

  1. Dokie strikes again! Truly a Masterpiece, Dokie! LOVE the story and the shots! No one does it like Dokie does .... already can't wait for the next adventure!!