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Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Tati gets Creamed"

"Tati gets Creamed"

"Ⓣaⓣi"  Tatiana Easterwood
Cream Release

with Special Guests
"Dokie" Dokielicious Doobie
Shannon Garsdale
Anyka Aiséirí (Camron McMahon)
Abby (AbbygailShuto Resident)

Tati, the Adult Superstar, has decided she wants a new car for the coming winter and with millions made through her lucrative adult entertainment career, it's only a matter of "which one". Little does she know the sales associate has a monthly quota to make and will do whatever is necessary to make that mark. Anything.

As Tati walks among the cars two associates see her but don't realize just who she is. They mistakenly assume she cannot afford any of these cars and don't pay her any mind. 

Cream, an eager young associate, looks up from her desk and cannot believe her eyes! Being a huge fan or Tati since she first started watching porn, Cream could feel herself getting wet just watching as Tati walked among the expensive cars! Smoothing her skirt and adjusting her breasts, Cream walks out from her office and approaches her porn idol .. 
Cream: "Ehem ... welcome to Exotic Motorcars. My name is Cream and I would love to assist you in driving a new car home today." 
Tati: "Why, what a nice greeting. I bet you sell many cars with a greeting like that." 
Tati examines the sexy associate then rubs her long silky thighs together as she adjusts her stance... Cream feels her nipples aching and pressing hard against her bra as she looks down seeing the little bumps clearly visible to Tati. Realizing this, her cheeks flush red.
Across the showroom a gorgeous redhead lowers her sunglasses as she spots Tati looking at the exact same car she came to buy! Dokie says under her breath, "That bitch! She better not buy that car! Then if I do it will look like I am copying her!" Watching from across the showroom, Dokie observes the interaction between Cream and a fellow adult actress.

Tati gets out her purse and says, "So where can we sit down and talk about how you're going to make me a deal on this car, beautiful?" Cream clears her throat and turns saying, "My office is right this way, Ms. Easterwood" and as soon as she said it she realized her mistake! Tati lowers her sunglasses and smiles saying, "So, you know who I am do you? Well, this should be interesting to say the least." With that, Tati follows Cream to her office. Following the two of them, Dokie goes to check on things and it seems Tati grabs the attention of another customer as a beautiful blonde stares watching Tati enter the sales office.

Once the two are seated in the office the negotiations begin! Cream, the eager young new sales associate, needs to make a sale of over $240,000 to break the month's record in sales and impress her new Boss and Tati is used to NEVER paying full price for anything! Sharpening their minds and licking their lips, the two engage in a war of the body and mind. Who will 'cum' out on top? Who will 'succum' and give in to desire?

After much discussion, the witty young associate plays a sly hand and comes around the desk to the gorgeous porn star. Tati leans back with her hand resting behind her back lifting covertly on her leather miniskirt to allow Cream full view of her labia moist and swollen. *a porn star never wears panties... right!?*
Knowing she can't make her quota on the car that Tati first chose, Cream points to the sexy red super sports car and says, "How about I get you into that one?" Tati looks over at the car and feels her pussy tingle! She thought she wanted the white car but this red one is like her favorite pair of "fuck me heels"! This is a "fuck me car"! knowing it must cost a fortune and dares ask .. "For what price?" Cream responds saying, "That car lists for $375,000." Tati sucks on her fingertip seductively then says, "I'll give you $200,000 cash for it right now." Knowing she will need MUCH more out of Tati, Cream takes her by the hand silently and brings her around to the other side of her desk. Leaning in sliding a hand along her face and whispering into her ear... "How about we talk price after I take care of those swollen labia of yours and that throbbing erect clit?"

Easing off the leather miniskirt, Cream reaches between the porn star's thighs and starts her tactile tactics to make the sale she needs to make. It isn't long before Cream has Tati's bra and shirt off as well and Cream is kneeling down licking and slurping on the swollen labia of Tati. Tati's moans fill the office as her leg swings up and around Cream's back and head. Tati rolls her hips slowly enjoying the warm wet tongue working in and out of her sex.

Dokie stands at the office threshold watching the display and growing more and more aroused. thinking to herself, *That fucking Tati using her damn pussy to get whatever she wants! That's it! The gloves are comin' off! I want! I want! I want, too!*

The VERY talented and cunning-linguist young sales associate brings Tati to climax multiple times leaving her a soaked mess as Cream straddles her and kisses her lips softly. After Tati's eyes soften and her face lights up with pleasure and smiles Cream says, "How about I give you my number and the car for $300,000?" 
Tati smiles and caresses her soft face saying, "Mmm deal. Though, I could have afforded 10 of them if I really wanted to buy 10 at full price but, $300,000 and that tongue of yours will do nicely." 
The ladies giggle and laugh and kiss each other a little more before both get dressed again and Tati gets the keys to her new car. With a briefcase full of cash counted then stashed in the company vault, Tati gets her new car and Cream gets the sale AND breaks the month's record! She may have even earned a raise and all she had to do was make Tati "cream". 
After getting into the car Tati makes a call and says, "Hello? Mr. Dawes? Yes, it's Tati. I just bought a hot red sports car and want to tell you about the sales associate I met. Yes, red! Anyway ... her name is Cream and I am going to give you her number. You are going to want to meet this girl! Ok, great talking to you. Oh, I will enjoy the new car! Au revoir."

A HUGE Thanks goes out to all the lovely ladies that participated in this project! A special thanks to NatalieHart for donating a few of the cars seen in the converted Obsession Studios office. 
This set was intended to be the lead in set to get Cream's "Signing Day" shoot done with me. I was going for a new angle for the incredibly talented and wonderful Cream Release but, sadly her second set won't happen. It is unfortunate timing but I have decided to leave SL Porn and SL all together for an undetermined amount of time. I will be focusing on First Life much more now and will miss my friends and family in Second Life. Many thanks to all of those who have worked with me. I wish everyone the inspiration to create and explore their happiness while inspiring others to do the same. May we all treat each other with compassion and respect as if we were looking each other in the eye instead of through a computer monitor. 
Goodbye ... for now.
Mr. Dominic Dawes