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Monday, March 10, 2014

"College Buddies"


Partee & G-Mo
with Dominic Dawes

It had been a few years since college buddies G-Mo and Dominic had seen each other so a visit was long overdue. G-Mo arrived at Dominic's country estate with his girlfriend, Partee, to catch up with life, play pool, and recant old stories from college. The married and settled down Dominic loved telling stories of the 'good 'ole days' with his frat brother, G-Mo, and the adventures they had. 

While telling stories Partee couldn't help but overhear about these sordid adventures and as she sat on the bar relaxing to her drink she started hoping, fantasizing, wishing that the college days had been right now! Little did she know what was in store for her as the two friends not only told stories but decided to relive those days when G-Mo offered up his girlfriend to revive what hadn't happened in years... 

Dominic and G-Mo grope and pet the now naked Partee as she shoots pool ... soon, however, there will be 4 extra balls on the pool table with a full payload for the eager and excited Partee! The scene escalated rather quickly and within a few minutes Partee had both their cocks out stroking and sucking on them as she was literally shaking with excitement!

As the two friends enjoyed the attention it soon became time to put the new pool table to the test as Dominic and G-Mo lifted Partee up onto the pool table and started taking her eager body from both directions! Partee was SO wet that the pool cue was used to prepare her for a BBC DP that left her unable to walk straight or sit normally for days afterward! 

While holding Partee up in the air, both Dominic and G-Mo pistoned in and out of her body until they erupted in a rich release filling her body with thick cream! Sliding out of her holes putting her on her knees, the college buddies had plenty left to shower the shaking and cumming Partee with rich white honey that she relished, slurped, and bathed in loving every drop as it covered her body inside and out!

Satisfied and happy to bring back the good 'ole days, the guys encouraged Partee to try and make that shot with her obstructed vision and cream filled holes ... Partee had a smile for days and can't wait to have her boyfriend bring her back to the Dawes House ... especially since they were talking about bringing more of their frat brothers over to play cards! 

A special thanks to G-Mo and Partee for their patience in getting this set edited and released. First Life has proven to be busy and challenging this time of year so many thanks to both of you for your patience and for the "fun" we had on set!
~ Mr. Dawes 
Look for MORE from the "College Buddies" series with Mr. Dawes and his friends as they team up on the lovely ladies of Obsession Studios!

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