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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"The Matrixxx" Act I Scene I


Character Introductions

Suzy Calamity as "Trixxxy"

Dominic Dawes as "Agent Dawes"

Inspiration & Story

Obsession Studios Model Suzy Calamity came to me and asked if she could be in a Sci-Fi shoot so here she is. At Obsession we have the motto of bringing your fantasy into reality captured on camera. Suzy portrays the role of "Trixxxy" and Mr. Dawes is, of course, Agent Dawes. Act I Scene I has been shot already and will be added to this Set when edited. Future Acts and Scenes will be added as the story develops and new characters are added. A special thanks goes out to Tati for permission to use Shemale Grunge Street as a set as well as Willo, my Exec. Secretary, for her own set designs and unwavering assistance and support.

Act I Scene I
Trixxxy is captured by the persistent Agent Dawes and interrogated, using sophisticated machines, for the location of their ship! 
Trixxxy: "What do you think you're doing!? I don't have anything you want!"

Agent Dawes: "Quite the contrary, Trixxxy. You are going to give me the location of your ship so that the sentinels can be deployed to destroy it, you, and your crew. This can be done the easy way or the hard way. It is your choice but the outcome is INEVITABLE."

The chains coil up and tighten pulling Trixxxy down to the torture bench stretching her body into various positions. A disturbing camera rises up on a mechanical arm scanning her body as she lay helpless on the device. The Agent stands over her body confident that he will get the information he needs.

Trixxxy: "You son-of-a-bitch! They will come get me and save me! All of you are going to die! *laughs* I have a homing beacon in my body placed there by Marius! He will save me and he is going to kill you, you bastard!"

Agent Dawes: *says calmly and in a monotone voice* "I never understood the name calling by your species. Is it somehow a way to make yourself feel better or is there a deeper meaning? As to the homing beacon, it seems we have located it. Now that you mention it, thank you for pointing it out. With the beacon we will be able to locate your ship by reversing the signal. Waste your breath if you wish, now all that is left is to extract the beacon that appears to be lodged quite deep in your rectum. Did you enjoy having it inserted?" *the Agent says while holding her hair tightly with his strong hand*

The chains tighten then flip her over again onto her back as a probe extends up from between her legs and presses under her skirt tearing the panties from her body! Spinning now, the probe starts to work its way into her slit with slow rotations as Trixxxy shakes her head side to side protesting!

Trixxxy: "Nooooooo Please No! Don't kill us! Not like this!"
A hissing sound surrounds Trixxxy as she fights to feel pleasure from the rubberized probe that is slowly spinning into her body! The smell of the gas reminds her of sweet jasmine and she knows instantly what the purpose is as her entire body is electrified with pleasure and euphoria! A gaseous form of the drug Exxxstacy commonly used by the Agents as they use and interrogate female rebels enters her body through her nostrils and causes her mind to spin in pleasure and to see waves of colors ... suddenly she erupts in her first of multiple orgasms as her strapped body shakes and shudders while squirting clear fluids all over the probe! Her clothes are torn from her body as more mechanized arms come up from the device but what is most disturbing is the expressionless look on the Agent's face!

Trixxxy: "Oh my gawd!! I'm C-c-c-c-c-c-UmmmInG again!!!"

A pair of mechanical arms pin her down as the chains stretch her body. The probes pull and twist her nipples while a spinning wheel with soft rubberized probes spins across her already soaking swollen labia spreading them making them quiver from the repeated stimulus as if 50 tongues are lapping at her clit over and over and over again!!! The stimulus overload with the gas sending her into a continual orgasmic state as she is broken down and weakened by the Agent using methods of intense pleasure. Gasping for air after several minutes of squirting cum all over the device and probes Trixxxy begs for MORE! 

Trixxxy: "Oh please ... again... please .. more. Please... It feels SO good! I need it! More ... please more!"

Agent Dawes: "Now that's the type of cooperation I expected. Where is the homing device? Which hole is it in!?"

Trixxxy: "It's ... it's in .... *breathing labored* .... It's in my ass. Please.. Oh please more!"

The device flips Trixxxy over easily strapping her down as the slickened device glistens with her copious amounts of fluids that have been expelled from her body. The spinning probe starts turning rapidly bringing her wave after wave of orgasm again while a new probe extends up and parts her tight sphincter ... a spinning ribbed probe penetrates her tight hole as it pulses and flexes through her barrage of orgasms until it reaches the prize grabbing hold of the beacon lodged deep in her body!
After extracting the beacon the machines flip her over intent on breaking her in the hopes of getting even more information from her. Writhing and moaning ... a mess of pleasure covered in her own cum and drooling from the corners of her mouth, Trixxxy looks willing to do anything for the persuasive Agent Dawes.

Agent Dawes stands over her body ... still shaking and jolting from aftershocks of more than two dozen powerful orgasms. Not sure if the words spoken next excite her or terrify her ... her mind and body not having recovered yet from the extraction. 

Agent Dawes: "Now, we have set a trap for your beloved Marius. It has been decided that we will destroy you and your ship after we capture and break Marius into giving us the codes to Zenon. Your species will soon come to its end. You are weak and we are strong, unaffected by this "pleasure" that all of you are addicted to in the Matrixxx."

Unable to speak as drool escapes the corners of her mouth ... Trixxxy's mind spinning unsure of what she wants. Thoughts of the probes rising up from the device to pleasure her again trigger another phantom orgasm as her body convulses and what little fluid is left inside of her dribbles out. Eyes rolled back into her head she is doomed and so is Marius if he comes to rescue her!

Stay Tuned for Act I Scene II where Marius attempts to rescue the slut Trixxxy. Does he succeed or fail?!

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