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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Geisha Tati Entertains Mr. Dawes

After a long time I have been able to capture Tati for a very hot and steamy photo set that follows a story line. In most of the shoots, I enjoy roleplaying throughout the shoot making it an experience to enjoy and remember while taking photos of the event with little pause or break in the 'action'. This makes it fun for both and also produces genuine pictures with depth, feeling, and emotion. 
Before you see these images I want to extend a special thank you to "Ⓣai" Tatiana Easterwood for the most amazing "gift" that anyone can ever give to another ... time. A woman of her immeasurable talent and skill as well as pulsing with sexuality is rarely ever available yet, ai always finds a way to make time for people. In this case, a long shoot that was a lot of fun! It was an honor and privilege to have ai for this set since she has been my inspiration ever since I saw her first photo many months ago. 
I am also pleased to announce that ai is Obsession Studios' newest "Elite" model and her exclusive webpage can be found HERE on the official Obsession Studios website.

I had the honor and pleasure of asking Tatiana a few questions for her exclusive Elite Model interview and I found out some amazing things about this dynamic and gifted woman. When asked what brought this Paris, France resident to Second Life she responded by saying, "A few years ago I went in SL to let my naughtiest fantasies out. then, naturally my knowledge of photo editing tools and my perversion brought me to modeling in porn." This 29 year old beauty oozes sexuality and when asked one word that describes her she replied very simply with "Wild." I have to agree seeing how wild she can really be ... shhhhh it's a secret.

Before modeling and porn in SL, Tatiana built and managed an amazing adult sim and still does! (Shemale Grunge Street) This is one of the places you may be lucky enough to find her as well as clubs where the parties are going on. Tati truly admires the builders in SL who make it a beautiful and amazing place and when asked what her latest hobby is she, of course, replied "taking pictures". For those of you who want to know what turns Tati on she replied, "a LOT of things! Strong sexy men, sucking beautiful cocks, doggie style, exhibitionism, soft and kind starters in sex that gets rough and wild, and soft Domination within limits."

So, what does this wild, naughty, dirty girl say when asked what are guilty pleasures of hers? Tati responded with, "in RL I have a secret guilty pleasure of masturbating in the car while driving and another is masturbating while playing SL. I can't just write words and stay cold!" If you are lucky enough to become friends with this incredible woman you will also learn that she is very generous and kind. I asked her what is the most important quality she would seek in a partner and she replied with "Honesty." I must agree with Tati that honesty is truly a valuable gift. Lastly, I asked Tati how she "does it" time and again producing breathtaking and incredible images and scenes to which she replied, "Well, each time I decide to make a picture I feel the same excitation and I do what I can with passion. I will spend hours doing this if I can and when my results match my thoughts I am happy." 
Please enjoy the images here and on Flickr of the erotic encounter with the Adult Superstar Tatiana Easterwood as well as visiting her blog and Flickr to see what pure artistic genius looks like. ~ Mr. Dawes


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ashley is a Feast for Hungry Eyes

New to the modeling and porn scene with a shoot and bio done already through Miss Em's Studio by her friend and accomplished Adult Actress, Zoey Winsmore, Ashley turns out to be a drop dead gorgeous woman here in this beautiful landscape! She is fun, flirty, intelligent and dynamic. Book a session with Ashley soon and you will not be disappointed by her stellar performance! ~ Mr. Dawes