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Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Into the Wild" ~ feat. Harmony

"Into the Wild"



The forest gives underfoot as the hardened woman in her late twenties makes her way into uncharted territory. Growing up with four brothers in the back country of West Virginia, Harmony was no ordinary girl. She has explored most of the inhospitable places on Earth and come out alive with stories to tell of natives and beasts that lurk in the deep dark crevices of the unknown. Armed and dangerous, Harmony's motto of saying "a gun is like a condom ... better to have one and not need one ... than to need one and not have one." This may be true but, nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen ...
 As Harmony makes her way around the massive tree... she fails to notice the snare set in the leaf litter ... meant to catch food, not big breasted uber hot explorers, the snare pulls her up with her head almost hitting the ground and carelessly her guns which were unsnapped in their holsters fall to the forest floor! "Shit! Damnit!" ... Harmony reaches for her weapons but cannot even get close as she looks up seeing a dark figure in the dappled light and shrubs ... thinking to herself as she avoids panicking ... Where on Earth did he come from! It's as if he just appeared! Knowing well her experience with native tribal people ... they are as much a part of the forest as the trees. Moving towards her in complete silence the native man tilts his head to the side studying her like a bird examining its prey. reaching for a knife in his belt he pulls it free from the sheath and points it at her face.... not saying a word and not really needing to ... she gets the message. Fight this and you will not live through it. So, she lets him cut her clothes off one article at a time ... the native man's thick member swinging around barely concealed by the loin cloth amazingly arouses her even though she did not plan this situation.

 The very strong native man easily cuts her clothes free leaving her hanging ... naked and exposed. As the sun coming through the forest canopy lances her skin feelings of arousal radiate in a warm tingling sensation from her right buttock after a small, sharp pain! He has drugged her... using master chemistry known in the forest by the tribal elders for thousands of years... this savage has turned Harmony into a lustful sex craving slut with the potent mixture of plant toxins used in mating rituals for his tribe! Knowing what she must be going through ... he intensifies her feelings by lowering his mouth to her exposed flower and sucking the petals into his mouth slurping the honey that has formed on her lips as they swell. The moans coming from her indicate that the drug is effective ... she isn't fighting it and in fact he feels her sucking his thick member into her mouth while he devours her juicy swollen flower!
Next, he cuts her down and carries her in his strong arms like a child... the raw power and strength amazes her as he makes it seem she weighs nothing! Looking dazed and on the verge of orgasm at the native man's honey golden eyes ... she starts shuddering and climaxing right there in his arms while he carries her!! Setting her down on the forest floor and binding her wrists to ropes... he stretches her between two wooden posts and examines her body ... she lay there shuddering in post orgasmic bliss... her body drooling fluids of pleasure as she looks up at him and his now naked form .... BEGGING for more!
 Laying down he pushes her legs apart and does what he does best ... his mouth and fingers play for what feels like hours inside both of her tight holes bringing her to climax after climax as the sounds echo through the jungle and the birds and animals are the chorus! Drinking and draining her of her essence the native man revels in his delicious meal! 
Her head sways side-to-side as he body shakes, shudders and pulls against the restraints!! Begging and pleading in a language he doesn't know verbally ... "Please fuck me!!! Please, for the love of god fuck me!!!" Our native man doesn't understand the words but her body speaks loud and clear... his well trained tongue can even taste that she is ovulating and fertile ... sliding around behind her in the restraints he kisses along her neck and murmurs seductive words in his native tongue into her ear... her body feeling like it is being fucked by a dozen men all at once already ... these words send her careening over the edge as she climaxes again whilst her swollen lips grind up and down the length of his thick hardened member!!

As the orgasms stack on top of one another she has lost count after fourteen ... the entry of his thick manhood into her body makes her mind explode... screaming out loudly into the forest as he stabs his thick veiny meat into her body Harmony loses ALL inhibition and pushes back against him forcing his bareback rod deep into her body piercing her womb!!! The two writhe together in perfect 'harmony' as the native man releases ropes of thick fertile seed directly into her womb flooding her body with a torrent of rich fertile semen like she's never experienced before! 
 A special thank you to Harmony Whitfield for her enduring patience in making an appointment with me! This was a 'date' and not meant to be a photo shoot per se but I couldn't help myself. I did, however, stop taking pics at this point and focused solely on making this experience one she'll never forget! 
See the Pics on Flickr
Another special thanks goes out to Willo, my Exec. Assistant. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for her! Thank you, Willo ... you're the BEST!
~ always ~
Mr. Dominic Dawes

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