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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Signing Day" w/ Anyka Aseiri

"Signing Day"


Anyka Aseiri

Obsession Studios is proud to present Anyka Aseiri in her debut shoot after signing on with Mr. Dawes and Obsession Studios. A multi-talented and gifted woman who is not only drop dead gorgeous but is also caring and compassionate, I am honored and pleased to have her as one of the 'Obsession Fifteen' models! The following is a 'story shoot' conceived organically by Anyka and Mr. Dawes in the Obsession Studios style ... we hope you enjoy.

On a typical evening ...
Mr. Dawes steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around himself ... curious to know what he has for appointments the following day he decides to head over to the office next to his home. Still with the towel wrapped around his waist he greets his secretary on the way in to his office as she is near the end of her shift for the night. On his desk is a note he wrote to remind him to contact the stunning redhead he had met recently at one of the porn parties he so infrequently visits so he picks up the phone and calls her to leave her a message. To his surprise, Anyka answers ..
Anyka: "Hello ... Mr. Dawes?"
Mr. Dawes: "Yes, Anyka? I didn't think I would get you ... I just wanted to see about scheduling you for signing the modeling contract. I've met with my assistants and we feel you'd make an amazing addition to the modeling team."
Anyka: "Oh my gawd, really!? I just got done surfing for the day ... I can come over right away!"
Mr. Dawes: "Oh, um ... well yea sure... might as well. I'll send my limo to pick you up. You can hand your wet clothes to the secretary on your way in and she'll get them washed and dried for you."
Anyka: "Alright! Thank you! I'll be right there!"
Anyka arrives and hands her wet clothes to the secretary who takes them to get laundered as she leaves for the day ... walking in to Mr. Dawes' office naked and still wet he stands and walks to her from his desk and pulls the towel from around his waist for her to dry her hair with. After she does the two stand naked looking at each other smiling ... without saying anything they both lean in and kiss each other sensually... standing there bodies pressed against one another as the heat rises between them. Walking with her over to the secretary's desk nearest Mr. Dawes picks her up and sets her down on the desk running his fingers through her hair and kissing her deeply...
Anyka: "Mr. Dawes ... I want you to know this is a very exciting day for me. I have always wanted to be a porn star and it is finally happening. Thank you, Mr. Dawes ..."
Mr. Dawes smiles and leans in kissing the incredible Anyka passionately ... lips moving down to her neck biting her soft flesh as his hands move up and down her perfect body. Laying Anyka on her back on the secretary's desk he kisses over her breasts sucking on each nipple slowly until they stiffen and stand erect between his lips.... slowly moving down her tight stomach licking around her navel teasing her... hearing her soft moans of pleasure as his mouth moves down further tasting her arousal in the air ... the perfume of her sex intoxicating him and luring him to her honey pot.

Driven by her moans as they grow louder... Mr. Dawes revels in what he loves to do most as his mouth and fingers pleasure the gorgeous woman making her hips and legs shake on the desk ... hearing a vase, a phone, and a container of pens and pencils hit the floor and scatter on the floor of the office! Growling and devouring her until the pleasure overcomes her and she screams out erupting her sweet nectar all over Mr. Dawes mouth, neck, and chest! Sucking softly on her throbbing bud while she experiences waves of pleasure, Mr. Dawes continues the porn star experience and sets her in the chair to wind her up again to another climax...

With a strong grip, Mr. Dawes holds the powerful legs of Anyka as she writhes out of control experiencing wave after wave of pleasure! Devouring her and pressing his strong thick muscle deep into her body licking, swirling, and massaging her expertly Mr. Dawes prepares her for the signing of the modeling contract ... Still weak in her legs from climaxing so many times she's lost count, Anyka is led to Mr. Dawes' desk where there is a huge pile of cash and the document for her to sign. As she lifts up a stack of money and bends over to start to sign the contract she looks back at her new Boss and offers herself to him ... without hesitation Mr. Dawes guides his thick organ into her soaked, swollen, warm slit with a moan escaping his lips... lips he is licking and tasting her sweet nectar. Pumping slowly at first enjoying the stretching and accommodating of his girth while Anyka signs the contract beginning her career as a real porn star!

The sounds of sex ... the aroma of pleasure thick in the air and the sweet stench of money ... lots of money the two collapse on the floor ... Anyka's body drooling a large amount of semen that Mr. Dawes had released inside of her. The lovers kiss and caress ... sweaty bodies glistening in the lights with broad smiles across their faces. A commotion in the other room is heard suddenly! 
Secretary: "Ummm Mr. Dawes? I brought Ms. Anyka's things back all clean and dry ... what happened to my desk?"
The lovers giggle and laugh a little then kiss and say goodnight as Anyka stands on weak legs with strings of thick semen drooling down her inner thighs ... she walks into the next room and gathers her clothes from the secretary whose mouth gapes open at the sight with the sudden realization of what happened. Anyka smiling widely collects her things and walks out of the office ... naked and a porn star.

A sincere "thank you" goes out to Anyka Aseiri for her patience and pleasure. Truly a remarkable woman I am excited to make beautiful art with her! Much more to come from this stunner in the future!

- Mr. Dominic Dawes
CEO & Founder
Obsession Studios

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