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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Matrixxx" - Act 2 Scene 1 & 2

"The Matrixxx"
Act II Scene I & II

Trixxxy enters the infirmary where he is being held and rehabilitated and is a little shocked to see him naked laying on the exam table. After finding his body among the field of humans being used as energy, Theo was "freed" from the Matrixxx after he met with Marius and his crew inside the Matrixxx. Weak and unable to stand, Theo went through several days of rehabilitation to be able to walk and move around for the first time. Most of the "plugs" have been removed from his body except for the one at the back of his head so that he may enter the Matrixxx. 
Theo was "freed" from the Matrixxx because Marius believes that he is The One from a prophecy given to Marius by the Oracle (an intuitive seer inside the Matrixxx). 

Trixxxy stands beside Theo and gazes over his body in complete awe. Most of the men she has met in the 'real world' were not "endowed" with the gifts that Theo is. The Oracle predicted that she would fall in love with 'The One' and she couldn't help but think ... 'is this him!?' Unable to keep her hands to herself she started to touch him. Knowing that he would be unconscious for at least another 24 hours, Trixxxy's curiosity and insatiable appetite for sex got the better of her and she started to stroke his massive penis. To her surprise and excitement, it responded and became aroused!

Trixxxy's excitement grew as her hand unable to even touch fingers around the girth of his member stroked up and down using the silky smooth fluids that drooled from the tip of Theo's virgin member as lubricant. Trixxxy became so aroused and so excited that she continued to break rules and protocol as she lowered her mouth down to taste 'The One' as she started to perform oral sex on him while he was unconscious!

Looking over she saw his mouth open and felt his body writhing as she brought him to climax and choked on a flood of semen erupting from his penis! Amazed by the sheer volume and thickness of the fluid, Trixxxy gave Theo his first blowjob and first orgasm in the real world. Unable to swallow all of the fluids that jettisoned from Theo, a mess was made all over his scrotum and thighs that she promptly cleaned and devoured in an act of lust and addiction. Standing back admiring him and thinking to herself ... 'I don't know if he is 'The One' but, I hope he can be the one I get to have in my cabin every night!'
Two days later, Trixxxy visits Theo in his sleeping quarters to check on him. After standing and admiring him for a few minutes, Theo rubbed his eyes and awoke to the sight of Trixxxy standing beside his bed.

Trixxxy: "Hello Theo ... it is me, Trixxxy. I have come to check on you and bring you anything you need."

Theo: "Am I ... I mean ... where ... what is this place? Am I in the Matrixxx?"

Trixxxy: "No, Theo ... you are in the real world. Feel that plug in the back of your head? That is how we access the Matrixxx where the plug doesn't exist. Do you know why we have brought you here, Theo?"

Theo looks around the room as he reaches up and touches the hard plastic plug in the back of his head. Realizing the truth now ... the truth that he can no longer live in peace within the Matrixxx. Suddenly doubt and fear well up inside of him and Theo starts to regret his choice to be "freed".

Theo: "I ... I am here because you believe I am 'The One'. I don't know, Trixxxy. I don't think this is right. The dreams I have been having are terrible. The pain and tightness in my chest ... I wish I would have stayed in the Matrixxx, Trixxxy. I don't think I made the right choice."

Trixxxy: "You are 'The One', Theo ... I know you are. Please don't say these things. We need you! Everyone needs you! I need you, Theo ... Please stay. I can show you what is in the real world. Take me ... take me as yours and I will make sure you never regret being 'freed'."

Trixxxy undresses and stands naked in front of 'The One'. As Theo sat there weighing the situation he couldn't help but be amazed at the offer and sacrifice. This woman was throwing herself at him and deep down his need overcame his regret. Trixxxy leans down and kisses Theo deeply... sharing an intimate kiss then after she pulls off his shirt and pushes him down onto the bed. Pulling off his pants she set in to work on getting him 'hard' ... what he doesn't know is that this is the second time she is putting him in her mouth!

Instinct takes over and Theo finds energy welling up from within to roll Trixxxy over and spread her legs. His favorite sexual activity when inside the Matrixxx was to perform oral on a woman and he set into Trixxxy doing things with his mouth, tongue, and fingers to her that quickly brought her to climax! Fueled by her writhing body and cries of pleasure, Theo devoured her and brought her to a second climaz flooding his face with her pleasure! Sliding up while she was laying on her back in a dazed state, Theo grabs hold of his thick member and inserts it into the soaking wet slit splitting her open! Trixxxy's head snaps back as she cries out and grips HARD the sheets on the bed!! Thrusting her hips into him fighting through the pain of his size she is gripped with another climax this one more powerful than the first two combined!!

Theo is feels, for the first time, the electrifying energy racing up from his toes spider-webbing throughout his body as he explodes inside of Trixxxy!!! Crying out in overwhelming passion as his hips slam into Trixxxy and he spears deep into her body releasing thick ropes of his seed! Still climaxing as he pulls out of her leaving her gaping and spasming ... Theo pulls Trixxxy to the floor on her knees where he sets in showering her with his warm milk! Stroking himself as he completes a powerful orgasm looking down to see the beautiful Trixxxy covered in his semen ... smiling up at him and licking her lips. 
Theo, unsure what his new future will bring ... looks down upon Trixxxy and realizes that perhaps he did make the right choice to be "freed" from the Matrixxx. Only time will tell ... 

More adventures from the erotic version of the Matrix cumming soon!

Thank you to Suzy Calamity (Trixxxy) for being so great and easy to work with! Suzy also made a generous donation of furniture and equipment to Obsession Studios after Mr. Dawes had to let his secretary go. A sincere and deep thanks goes out to Suzy for her generous contribution and getting Obsession Studios furnished again. ~ Mr. Dawes

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