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Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Bouncy and Beautiful" ~ Becky

Our feature model Rebecaa "Becky" Paine grew up in a small countryside town and is a very hot 21 year old! This gorgeous girl has posed for another before but, as things happen, the images were lost. Thankfully, she was captured here and preserved by the careful eye of Mr. Dawes.

Full Set seen here on Flickr

Becky describes herself as being "curious" but, admits that a friend of hers says she is "naughty". It is interesting because I do find both to go very well together ... Becky is definitely a naughty curious girl. Before modeling and surely during her run as a model, Becky LOVES shopping! An aspiration of this young vixen would be to someday own her own island ... funny since having that aspiration in RL is reserved for a select few while in SL it is quite possible. Check out these hot images of the young and talented Becky with more interview to follow a little further down the page.

On a usual night in SL Becky can be found hanging out at bars and naughty places like the "Cocksucker's Clearinghouse" or shopping at one of her favorite stores. A few "guilty pleasures" that this young vixen has are sex with strangers, big bananas and chocolate, and more shopping! In SL, Becky admires all the people who spend the time and money to make SL such a beautiful place and when she needs to find peace she goes home to relax in her comfy little place. As far as turn-ons for this little hottie ... she loves nudity, sex in public, and bondage. For anyone lucky enough to cross paths with this incredible girl you will not be disappointed. She is as sweet as they come and her patience is to be admired. Thank you for your patience Becky and I hope you do someday own that island and live out all the dreams and fantasies you can think up! ! Mr. Dawes

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