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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The NEW Obsession Studios

Welcome to the NEW Obsession Studios

Please take a moment 
to read the message below 
from the CEO of Obsession Studios
Dominic Dawes

<NEW Logo ... What do you think?>

First, allow me to thank you for visiting the Obsession Studios blog where Obsession Studios has provided quality adult content since January 2013. Since the formation of Obsession Studios by Dominic Dawes (of Second Life) many adventures have occurred followed by a LOT learned along the way. 

About one year ago, Obsession Studios was formed and in a few short months the agency exploded with members and popularity. This being the first time venturing into this type of hobby, I had no idea this would happen and made strides to service the needs of all the new models. Ultimately, even after hiring many photographers to help, there became too many members (over 300) and it was impossible to make even a small fraction of the members happy. The photographers hired did very little work and I tried as best as I could to work with as many models as possible while receiving grief and negativity from those I could not reach or meet with. Even if Second Life was a full time job for me, I would still not be able to perform my photographic services for that many models. Which, by the way, I have always done for free … spending often 5-6 hours of my own time taking the pictures, editing them, and writing interviews while maintaining three websites.

The past year has been a journey and a learning experience and I have grown from this. I had to look at what is most important to me and, like many, I am in Second Life to enjoy myself and spend time with friends and loved ones. On top of all this, I work about 50-60 hours a week in RL and have a family there as well which I support and spend time with. Upon evaluating the situation and consulting my closest friends I have decided to reduce the number of models I work with from the hundreds to less than thirty. The positions within Obsession Studios are as follows:

~ 15 - “Obsession Models” – a manageable number that I can work with regularly and feature on Flickr, the Obsession Studios blog and the Official Obsession Studios Site.

~ 8 - “Obsession Elite 8” - Models that I work with even more regularity that have their own web pages on Flickr and the Official Site.

1 or 2 - “Showcase Models” – an exclusive model that has a standing appointment each week and is given clothing and designer items to “Showcase” on the blog and her own web page on the Official Site with detailed character story.

Obsession Studios has a very select few Male Models that are friends of Mr. Dawes and will be used more frequently in the New Obsession. Another exciting change is the addition of the schedule board at the Obsession Studios office where models can see availability during a 30 day window and request appointment times! (All are times are SL time based)

Additionally, Mr. Dawes has TWO Personal Assistants! Usdi Oguye works part-time and performs a wide variety of tasks from scheduling to post shoot interviews. Willo Barbosa works full-time and can almost always be found in the office or paged using the pager system. Willo handles all aspects of the business from interviews of applicants to scheduling as well as set design and post shoot interviews.

Obsession Studios has changed dramatically and for the better! We still maintain a role-play atmosphere while providing high quality photography so if you want to experience what it may be like to live the life of an erotic model, come visit Obsession Studios and allow us to make your Fantasy a Reality.
~ Mr. Dominic Dawes

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