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Sunday, July 28, 2013

SL Adult Superstar ~ Zoey

What can I say about Zoey ... well first of all she is one of the sweetest porn superstars you'll ever meet! She is gorgeous, smart, talented and very easy to work with. This set and the time she spent patiently posing for me was a true honor and I thank you Zoey for the opportunity!

Zoey Winsmore is a 25 year old bisexual adult superstar living an opulent life within the world of Second Life. Zoey's hometown is in the Netherlands and when asked if she could be described by one word she responded with "adorable". I would have to agree. Her favorite qualities in a partner are having a sense of humor, being fun, intelligent, and sexy. Before modeling and porn, Zoey spent her time dancing and being a hostess at clubs as well as enjoying the various roleplay sims around SL. She was drawn to acting and modeling after watching porn films produced by other and posted on Naughty Machinima and SL Porntube. She then had a goal to become a well recognized pornstar and as we all know, Zoey tends to reach her goals!

I asked Zoey what she can tell us about the popular *SL Porn* blog and her role and she replied: "*SL Porn* is for me the best informative blog for new pornstars and I also did get most of my research and homework to learn about the SL Porn Industry. It is not my blog, Emily founded it and she does a great job keeping it up to date. I do help her out with taking interviews with new group members that want to get their name out and I do my very best to present them in a way so they can have their start having the dice rolling for their upcoming career. My role in the group is being a Moderator, and my role for the blog is being a contributor."

So, what turns Zoey "on" and what turns her "off"? When asked she replied: "My biggest turn on is seeing that someone has been taking an effort spending on an avatar's looks from head to toe. This includes also that they have their body attachments color matching. I am very picky on that. Biggest turn off is bad manners, rude people with or without a close minded look on things. And ofcourse getting hit on by an avi that is a year or older and still looking like they have just managed to escape Orientation Island."

 As an intelligent and sexy woman, nothing stands in Zoey's way while she runs through her career accomplishing her goals. When asked what some of her ambitions and dreams are to aspire to in SL she replied: "I think I did accomplish my ambitions in the SL Porn Industry, getting my name out as a Pornstar and someday become a Director and Producer. I have my own Studio and I will always strive to make an Actor or Actress be proud they were in my movie. I am a perfectionist and I only release a movie when I am happy with the result. I have also a fan base outside of the SL Porn Industry and I receive many IMs telling me they loved my movie production or a movie I was cast in. I guess, my new ambition would be to reach a milestone of 100 movies, but that will still take a while."
When I asked Zoey what's the one thing she cannot live without in SL she simply replied .. that it is her richness in friends in SL that make Second Life the place she loves to spend her time. As a hobby or interest of late, Zoey would like to create sexy lingerie and stockings. Which, by the way, is one of her guilty pleasures ... nylons. The other guilty pleasure of hers is chocolate. Lucky for me *smiles* (j/k) 

 Zoey admires most in SL her friend and partner Emily. She says that she has learned so much from her about making movies and she admires her greatly. As for the naughty info ... Zoey loves to be "on top" where she has control and thinks that position is VERY sexy! Want to know more about this absolutely gorgeous and talented woman? Well, you will have to be one of the lucky ones to get her attention. I feel very lucky to have and honored to showcase her here. Remember to see the complete set of photos on Flickr. Thank you Zoey! ~ Mr. Dawes

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