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Friday, July 12, 2013

Lofty hits the showers after her workout

Once described by an amateur photographer as "tough to photograph because of her body" I found this to be exactly the opposite! Not only is Lofty one of the easiest people to work with, she is also incredibly gorgeous! Here at the gym I was lucky enough to catch her during one of her workouts and a steamy shower after! Lofty was getting hit on by both men and women during the shoot but she remains true to her very lucky husband, Marius as she graciously accepted the volley of compliments thrown her way. 

Lofty hails from the frozen north in Alaska, USA and is a toned and sexy 24 year old values 'trust and honesty' in a partner. When asked one word that would describe Lofty she replied with precocious. Lofty was drawn to the Adult Industry in Second Life as she was looking for something to do and enjoys meeting a variety of interesting people. Before modeling and even now Lofty is a hostess at a few different night spots throughout SL.

Lofty is turned "on" by a well-dressed man who knows what he wants and goes for it, not by force but, by ambition. She enjoys the slow seduction of the mind before ever having anyone touch her body. When asked what "line" would make her melt when said by a man she replied with "Do you need help with those dishes?"  The one thing in SL Lofty cannot live without is her loving and fortunate husband Marius. Speaking of which, her favorite sexual position is him on top grinding into her from behind while grabbing her hair pulling her head back and claiming her as his!
Having known Lofty for a while and meeting her husband Marius I must say it is a true honor to be her friend. Both of them are wonderful people and any that are welcomed into their lives are fortunate to be there. Thank you for the opportunity to photograph you, Lofty. ~ Mr. Dawes

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