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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Spa Day" featuring Ashley Akico

"Spa Day"

Ashley Akico (Amosa)

 While on vacation around the islands of Bora Bora, Ashley decided that she was going to spoil herself with a spa day and took the recommendation from many of her girlfriends to visit Dawes Spa. Little did she know what was in store for her ...

While in the waiting area Ashley read a couple of magazines and sipped on some water flavored with orange slices and mint leaves. It was only a few minutes before her tall dark masseur appeared wearing only linen pants that she could swear were mostly sheer seeing the outline of his long member through the thin material. A warm smile and a soothing deep voice welcomes her with a French accent, common among this island chain. After exchanging some pleasantries Ashley's masseur escorted her to a beautiful pool area privately secluded for her enjoyment. The sun was on a slow path downward to melt into the ocean as lights sparkled off the mild waves looking as if the water was covered in diamonds. Ashley's masseur politely asked Ashley to undress and lay on the table and after a moment of hesitation she decided to just undress in front of him cautious of how he watched her. The waterfalls cascading down all around her matched the slow dripping clothes as they were peeled from her exquisite form. Ashley's masseur was busy preparing the body oils and did not watch her undress ... she wasn't sure if she was happy by him missing this or if she was wishing he had watched.

Ashley was invited to the massage table by a sweeping hand and warm smile by her masseur. Upon laying down she was met with the soothing feel of warm oils applied to her flawless skin followed by hands and fingers that seemed to know exactly how to apply just enough pressure to release the tension in her shoulders and back. A soothing deep voice reminded her ... "just relax and let this day be your day to get spoiled ... it's all about you today." Not accustomed to being undressed in front of a man she doesn't know she realized she was harboring some tension. It didn't take long under the skilled hands of her masseur for her to be melting under his touch like warm butter. 

Warm oils strategically placed along her thighs and worked into her legs after pulling the towel back revealing most her her buttocks gave her masseur an amazing view of her swollen pubic mound seeing that her labia were elongating and moistening as his hands worked the oil into her muscles. Instinctively and as if she were under a spell her legs spread apart giving him more access to her as the edges of his hands gently brushed against her sex. At first she felt it as a slip of the hand ... something that happens when massaging but after the feeling it gave her she wanted more. Her hips lifted slightly from the table inviting his touch again ... her mind spinning as she starts to think what am I doing!? As his fingers begin massaging her sex grasping each of the swollen labia and massaging her fleshy folds with his fingers she let a moan escape her lips and she knew then what she was doing and what He was doing and all she knew now was that she wanted more! A smooth voice washed over her as the warm setting sun kissed her perfect skin as he said ... "remember to breath and relax ... I am going to get onto the table and massage you with more pressure and special techniques ... let go and allow yourself this pleasure ... today is all about you, Ashley." She didn't notice or realize but soon after he said this his pants were around his ankles and he had applied oils to his inner thighs to be able to massage her with his hands AND body!

Melting under his touch and the feel of his hands releasing everything she felt his naked organ sliding between her well oiled cheeks and in her mind she thought of only one word over and over ... yes yes YES! Her masseur used his hands, the inside of his strong legs, and his growing erection to massage her. Angling in such a way so that the smooth cap to his organ parted her labia she felt her hips rising to meet him as the hesitating thought ... what the fuck is happening! ... is quickly massaged out of her consciousness by that word again ... YES! 
With the oil covering his organ mixed with Ashley's slick and warm nectar the massive mushroomed glans popped into her sex as her head arched back and a loud moan escaped her lips betraying her and revealing her lust for this!! Her masseur stroked the inside of her velvet walls with his growing organ as his hips worked back and forth slowly but this was only the beginning ... hearing the words "yes ... oh, yes ... yes!" Ashley's masseur received the invitation he wanted and rolled her over onto her back seeing a look of lust in her eyes mixed with a forlorn gaze after he pulled out of her ... a seductive smile opens across his lips as he lowered his head and kissed down her taught stomach all the way to those swollen lips ... sucking each into his mouth tasting her before moving to her swollen hood and throbbing clitoris he began mewling and nursing her with two oiled fingers teasing each of her pleasure holes...
The soothing sound of all the waterfalls mixed with the subtle chorus of tropical birds and the gentle waves along the nearby shore transport Ashley into a place she didn't know existed ... her masseur opened her body with his tongue and fingers bringing her to climax within minutes only to devour her nectar in lust and passion. Looking up from between her legs with her nectar on his lips and chin she looked into his hazel eyes with the vast oceans of her blue eyes speaking directly to him without a single word escaping her dry lips ... his simple nod and advance sliding up her body joined the two strangers by a rigid probe sunken into her body again ... this time not to be pulled out but after several slow thrusts he sinks deeper into her body each time making it seem like his endless length and impossible thickness were custom made to ensnare her and create a hopeless addiction!

Ashley's mind spinning as if she is in between consciousness and subconsciousness ... the two lovers intertwine like serpents as their bodies conform to one another and the smooth relentless pumping continues to massage her inner walls activating all of her pleasure with a veiny thick pierced organ plunging into her body again and again and again. Rolling over allowing her to drive herself down onto him she is thrown into a series of orgasms where one crashes around her like the waves on the shore followed by another and another and another ... escaping her lips betraying her conservative nature she cries out to this man whose name she doesn't even know! ... "Yes! Oh god yes! Do it! I want to feel you release inside of me! Do it!!" Hearing these words and seeing this perfect beauty driving down on him sucking and milking him into her body he releases a torrent of warm semen into her body flooding her with rich thick cream as his organ throbbed and stretched her even more!

Feeling this flood inside of her filling her womb with his rich thick seed triggers a cascade of climaxes again as they seem to smash together like the waterfalls hitting the pools all around in a never ending eruption of pleasure! The two lovers collapse into each others arms and he caresses her closely. As he maintains his penetration still throbbing inside of her he looks into her eyes and the two speak volumes without words. After several minutes and their panting chests calm down to a soothing smooth beat two words escape the beautiful perfect lips of Ashley ... "thank you". Her masseur leans in and kisses those lips and replies ... "Vous êtes les bienvenus, belle. Votre plaisir est à moi, et je souhaite seulement que pour vous faire plaisir interminable, Ashley." 
Ashley wished she knew all the words he used only recognizing a few from the French language she had taken back in high school. She could tell it was something beautiful and erotic and the way he looked at her made her feel very special. The two spent nearly another hour together as the sun melted into the sea bringing the soft glow of the moon ... an evening in Bora Bora Ashley will never forget.

A special thank you to Ashley (Amosa Sugarplum) for her patience in scheduling this. We have tried to do a shoot together for about a year now after my initial shoot of only her in the spring of 2013. Ashley is a gorgeous woman who is as fun as she is beautiful and I hope to bring you much more of her. I also hope you enjoyed this story and the images as they were shot during rich role-play ... the story above closely matching the role-play that we allowed to play out organically. If you liked this and want to see more, please leave comments below and visit the entire set on Flickr to 'fave' the pics and leave comments there as well. Thank you for your support ... it means more than you know. ~ Dominic Dawes

Ashley's Spring Set from 2013 on Flickr

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