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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Soaring with Kara Hawk

It's not every day you meet someone like this woman. In the short time I've known Kara she has shown herself to be a genuine person with compassion and intelligence and the capacity to be an actual friend. I am honored to know Kara and this set is a "thank you" for her incredible friendship with many more sets to come in the future. "I surrender to your beauty Kara ... just as the sun surrenders to the sea in these photos." ~ Dominic Dawes

*** Exclusive Interview by Obsession Studios Publicist ~ Alice ***

 Sitting down with Kara was an immense pleasure. In case you didn't already know, Kara Hawk is one of our newest and most gorgeous models Mr. Dawes has been lucky enough to photograph. This lovely lady spends most of her time in SL with her lovely partner Cal, but don’t worry fellas she has plenty to offer. This East Coast beauty was born in sunny, Greensboro, NC, USA. After talking with Kara I found that she truly is that rare sort of enigma that you have trouble finding in SL, but one you definitely wish to see more of. Both Free-spirited and dedicated, she definitely likes to have fun, but the most important quality she finds in a partner is trust. The kind of trust that made modeling possible, something that she had been interested in since day one and is quoted as saying,  “It's always seemed like a fun way to meet people and it assists in my exhibitionist nature.” Before modeling she explained, “[I did] a little bit of everything. But I spent the most time as a General Manager at a very successful strip club. I was also a successful escort at the club. You can use the word 'whore' if that makes you feel better. I don't get offended by it. I'm proud of what I did there, and I was good at my job.“

Her straight forward attitude makes it that much easier to talk to and it’s always great to meet a model that knows herself so well, and gentlemen if you ever want a chance learn how to write and tease. “I love to be teased, in almost any way. So I'm also turned on by light bondage, as a precursor to teasing. I also love to tease. I have an extremely powerful foot fetish as well. But the thing that turns me on most is being in the company of the person I love. My partner can arouse me with a single word or look, and has been able to do that since I met her.” What turns her off however is  “Arrogance, and people that think they can fuck me because I said hello to them.”

That’s right guys! Girls hate it when you don’t speak normally to them! Or have a real conversation! Shocker! But what may shock you more is just how dirty our little model can get, we managed to even get a couple little secrets from her.. only as it turned out they are not really secrets at all! “I don't feel guilty about them. :) I guess I'm excited by bukkake and being covered in cum. Maybe that qualifies. It's a fun thing, but not something that would destroy my Second Life if I never got the pleasure.” And even beyond that, what none of you may know is that Kara doesn’t go with the norm for her favorite sexual position, instead she simply LOVES to please her partner orally in whatever way they like! Eventually we even got out of her that the last thing she bought in the market place was the Ivory Pearl All Star Pack, sold by Jakob Gardenvale, Gasp! What a naughty little minx!

Beyond the sexy and into what makes Kara tick it was so nice to find someone with a sense of humor that is also driven. We asked about her ambitions and dreams in SL and she jokingly replied “I want to be a Porn Star! *laughs*” but then where others would normally stop she actually sobered up a bit and took the question truly seriously, “I guess that's too easy. Well, I'd love to learn more about photography in SL. And I've toyed with the idea of opening up a "Kara's Extreme Makeover" shop, where I'd offer the people the service of my assistance in improving their appearance. This could be skins, shapes, hair, clothes, the whole gamut. But shapes are my specialty. I've learned that most people really don't understand shapes in SL, and how to tweak them properly. And that usually with just a few minor adjustments, you can change someone's look from "oh, she's kind of pretty" to "OMG, she's fuckin' hot!"

If that doesn’t pique your curiosity everyone, then I don’t know what will! But if you were ever curious about how to take to someone as amazing as this, it turns out she is as easy to find as the girl next door! “Lately, my evenings are spent with my partner when I can. When not there, I'm at the CMNF Lounge often, Bare Assets where I work as a part-time dancer, or just out and about.” And guys, Kara truly just loves to dance, wishing that a guy would just come up to her and say “I'd love to take you dancing in the moonlight, where I can see your eyes sparkle like the stars." She says would immediately grab her attention! In her eyes, “breakfast dates are the best. Meet someone for breakfast, even in the kitchen of your own house. Chat and flirt while you both slowly wake up, then realize you can't handle another moment apart. The food slips to the side, forgotten, as you're suddenly entangled in each others arms. Within moments, you've found a private spot, and clothes fly as passion overcomes you both.“ How down to Earth is that? It is adorable, sensual, caring, and what isn’t better than that white morning light on your lover’s skin? However where Kara’s eyes shine the most, is when she talks about her partner Cal, whom she describes as “so together. Nothing ever ruffles her, and yet she's the most passionate person I know.” “[Cal] calls me "Honey" usually and occasionally "slut" (in a nice way)… I wouldn't want just anybody calling me either of those.”

Kara takes the time to truly appreciate the professional side of Secondlife. “I admire clothing designers like Dani Knelstrom, Sarah91 Tremor who are geniuses at casual, beautiful clothing. I don't know how they can make simple look so beautiful. It's amazing. Cristal Triellis and Sawsun Secretspy who design breathtakingly beautiful skins. And I admire anyone who has made goals in this place and reached them. It's just as hard to do that in SL as it is in RL." And at the end of the day, Kara really is just herself, she doesn’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the SL life and instead has “a little poseball on the roof of my house. I go up there and sit and think under the stars." Obsession studios was truly grateful to have her pose and Mr. Dawes is surely looking forward to her next shoot. For you our followers make sure to give this wonderful model your love and appreciation, there aren’t many like her!
~ by Alice


  1. Kara is one of the truly 'beautiful' people of SL. If you see her, be sure to say HI.

  2. Awww, Kiis, you are too sweet!! Thank you very much.

    BTW, Kiis's words apply doubly well to herself.