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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Pump n Go" ~ featuring Simony

"Pump n Go" - with Simony Love

This photo set was done to capture still shots of the movie produced, written, and directed by Girl Next Door Productions found on SL Porntube as "Pump n Go". See the film on PornTube Here. Simony Love is a long time friend and was one of my very first models when I started out shooting porn in January of 2013. Shown here initially meant to be a "solo" shoot ... Sim was just so HOT and such a tease that the solo shoot turned into a duet with Sim's good friend Jack Michaels as well as Mrs. Dawes standing by watching. Shot entirely during richly detailed roleplay in the way that Mr. Dawes and the models enjoy most. Hope you enjoy ... we know we did :-)

A very special "thanks" goes out to Mr. Jack Michaels of Girl Next Door Productions. Mr. Michaels runs one of the classiest film agencies I have ever encountered and is himself a true gentleman. Sadly, a rarity among the men in Second Life. Thank you Mr. Michaels ... I certainly look forward to working with you on any project again. ~ Mr. Dawes


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