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Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Maid to Order" - featuring Gigi Beaver

After a long day at the office, Mr. Dawes looked up maid service and dialed the number to the company with the catchy title "Maid to Order". The young lady that showed up certainly was adept at taking orders and after cleaning the bedroom and bathtub she made sure that Mr. Dawes enjoyed a nice little show. In payment, the maid accepted a large donation of fluids as well as losing much of her own before a nice relaxing bath by sunset. **As always, this story-line shoot is best viewed as slideshow to get the feel and flow of how the session went. Also note that all of these shots were taken while in deeply immersive and richly detailed roleplay ... emoting and enjoying the time while silently capturing the scene in high quality images. Contact Mr. Dominic Dawes in Second Life if you have an idea for a scene that you would like to "experience"

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