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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Models @ Obsession

Incredibly beautiful women are pouring in to Obsession Studios new location on the beach! This set represents Obsession's "Up and Cummers" ... these hot new ladies who have caught the attention of Obsession Executives and are shared here.  All of the photos taken can be found on the Flickr set called "Obsession's Up and Cummers". 
(Flickr link to "Up and Cummers")

Tegann is a friend and a very sexy woman. I always enjoy time with her.... she is shown here at her beautiful home.

Janna is one of Obsession's hottest girls shown here in the office at the Retreat. You can find Janna at a couple places ... an Interracial Sim or with her Mistress - Hazel - Much more to come from this gorgeous girl soon!

The sensational Coast Rives shown above in her partial set. See the entire set on Mr. Dawes' Flickr using the link at the top.

Above the is sexy Mercy Rae seductively enticing Mr. Dawes for a long sexual encounter at the steamy and beautiful Joy Luck Club. See the entire set on Mr. Dawes' Flickr page.

Sophie is shown above ^^ taking it off at the relaxing Obsession Retreat

 Above is the elegant and sexy Elie. Elie is shown here visiting Obsession Studios where Mr. Dawes snaps a few shots of her in the Office before taking her into the Retreat 'hut' for a very special treatment. Look for MUCH more form this incredibly sexy woman in the future!

Above is the very sexy Reggi. It seems that she is allergic to clothing because this gorgeous new model for Obsession is hardly ever dressed. No complaints coming from anybody who has the pleasure of spending time with this girl, though.

Above is the gorgeous body of Mrs. Jennifer C. New to Obsession and the modeling industry but not new to having fun. Jennifer will be doing fashion modeling for Obsession Studios but caught here in a rare glance at her without clothes!

Above is Sezja ~ Sezja is Obsession's newest and quickly becoming one of the hottest. This shoot is her introduction to the Obsession Studios Office while she waits for her portraits to be taken. Expect to see MUCH more of Sezja soon ...

 ~ Above ~ is the delicious Jessica! One of Obsession's Up and Cummers

~ Above ~ is the Smokin' Hot Anja! One of Obsession's newest

~ Above ~ is the cute n sexy Ashlynn Snook! One of Obsession's newest

Pictured above is the incredible, Harmony Whitfield! Much more to come from this amazing woman within Obsession Studios!


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  1. We really do have the prettiest girls. Great photography man, as always.